Our Story

College friends, lifelong foodies, and lovers of all things bright and leafy, Lana and David have had countless conversations over the years about everything from how to pick a watermelon to the art of peeling a pomegranate. It was one of these kitchen table conversations at their Cambridge apartment that led to Fruitable. The duo envisioned a single, easy to use source of information about fruits and vegetables and a program to encourage others to add more healthy, whole foods to their diets.

In January 2013, Lana and David teamed up with Aravind and Whitney to bring Fruitable from a concept to a comprehensive wellness program complete with innovative tools and incentives. Since then, the team has grown to include our fabulous intern, An.

Recent Updates

This Fall, Fruitable will be partnering with Whole Foods to pilot its wellness program at AMP Agency!

We are currently based out of the MIT International Design Centre. If you are interested in learning more about Fruitable or have feedback to share, feel free to schedule a visit!

The Team

Lana Koretsky
Co-Founder and CEO
Favorite Fruitable: Tangelo
David Saakyan
Co-Founder, President, and CPO
Favorite Fruitable: Pomegranate
Whitney Ahneman
Resident Nutritionist
Favorite Fruitable: Pineapple
Product Developer
Favorite Fruitable: Mango
An Nguyen
Social Media and PR
Favorite Fruitable: Strawberry